Sunday, September 14, 2014

Soccer Balls and Mouth Guards

I was heading downstate for my 50th high school class reunion.  (OMG)  I had planned to shoot the last of the three super moons for my blog.  But Mother Nature got in the way of those plans by sending clouds instead of clear skies.  I was staying with my photographer brother Mark and knew he'd have some ideas of what we could shoot in his neck of the woods.  Mark and his wife have 14 grandkids and I guessed our photo shoot might have something to do with the youngsters and their sporting events, and I was correct. 

Our first event was Gavin's soccer game.  But before the actual game began, I caught Mark holding grandson Titus and a soccer ball. 

This game involved Titus' big brother, Gavin, who's seen here going for the ball.

Again, Gavin takes the lead moving the ball with both teammates and opponents in pursuit.

Gavin focuses intently on watching the ball, while one following teammate closes his eyes and another looks in a direction away from the ball.

Here Gavin takes a breather and recovers from a fall.  This was actually his second game of the day with his first being an ice hockey game at 7:30 am. 

After Gavin's soccer game, we headed across town to catch Landen's flag football game.  Landen is five and has just begun kindergarten; this was his second flag football game.  Here is is trying to figure out how to comfortably insert the required guard into his mouth.

Landen wasn't the only youngster that seemed preoccupied with the fitting the mouth guard.

Is this how it goes?   Gag.

Or is this better?

With mouth guard more or less under control, Landen romps off with the football tucked under his arm.  Another player is in hot pursuit of Landen's flag.

Here Landen, obviously the smallest boy, prepares to receive the ball while the others seem to lack concentration of the play at hand.  They are only kindergarteners and first graders, after all!  And what do I know about football?  He does look like he's having some fun.

One more big smile for Aunt Karen, Landen?

Our last gig of the day was Payton's soccer game.  Payton is nine and big sister to Gavin and Titus. 

Payton plays on a travel team and the level of skill and athleticism is apparent right away.  

While Payton has control of the ball, her opponent is in hot pursuit.

The high level of interest and  concentration is evident with all  girls focused on the ball.

With hair flying, and focus intent, these young athletes appear fearless in their pursuit of the ball.

And the reunion?  It was a blast!


  1. Great action shots, Karen. This is certainly an athletic family! Brings back memories of my grandkids attempting to learn how to play football and soccer.

    1. Thanks, Jackie...Yes, all the kids play something and several play more than one sport. I'm glad it brought back fond memories.

  2. A charming, delightful series, Karen. You really captured the intensity of most of these young athletes;
    as well as the lack of concentration of some that are just learning how to play team sports. These images really brought back memories of attending some of Nick's early soccer games; and all the little kids standing or wandering around, utterly clueless.

    1. Jan...Thanks for your visit and comment. Yes, I noticed lots of kids being clueless too, especially with the younger ones. It was reassuring, however, to see what progress they might make in a few more years.