Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Water Wonderland

People are drawn to Northport and the Leelanau Peninsula for many reasons.  The arts, unique shopping venues, good food, wine tasting and beer making, recreational opportunities, outdoor festivals and the natural beauty of the area all contribute to an influx of visitors, especially during the summer months.  But the surrounding waters of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay might just be the biggest attraction of all, and the one that all the other activities revolve around.  Whether you appreciate the striking waterscapes of the peninsula, enjoy time on the waters through boating, or just relax floating around on an inner tube, this is the place to be in the summer months.


  1. Nice shots, I to love the water.

  2. That sailboat at anchor, #5, is quite appealing, isn't it? And the bright red roofs of the new marina buildings! It's only a couple blocks from me but sometimes seems like another world altogether. Thanks for taking me on a little bayside cruise today, Karen.

  3. Yes, I like that one too, Pamela. I took these pictures over Saturday and Sunday and it's amazing how different the light was on those two days. On Saturday, it was so hazy there was hardly any contrast between the sky and water, but on Sunday, it was a better day for color.