Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Fence Jumpers

I was working on my computer in the living room, when puppy Gracie began to growl.  I looked out my sliding doors and saw a line of five turkeys walking along my fence.  Since I rarely see turkeys in my woods, I immediately went into my study, flipped on my camera, and focused on the turkey closest to my fence.

I wasn't sure what the turkeys would do, but it was fun watching these new visitors.  Their feathers were beautiful, almost iridescent.  If I'm remembering what my good friends who are turkey experts have told me, I  think this might be a hen because this bird appears to lack the beard that hangs down the necks of toms.

As I was admiring the turkey feathers, one flew to the top tier of my fence.  Hmm.   It looks like I might have more fence jumpers.

As the bird landed and turkey-waddled towards my feeders, I saw from this angle what might be a beard on its neck.  So may be this is a tom versus a hen.  I'm not sure.

But my attention was quickly drawn to a second turkey preparing to fly over the fence.  What a wing span it displayed!

Quickly, it fluttered to the ground, its wings a blur in the flight.

Soon four turkeys were enjoying the seed dropped on the ground by my sloppy-eating bird friends.  It looks like I have a new breed of bird friends today. 

One of the five turkeys chose not to jump the fence and continued on alone through the woods.   I enjoyed watching the turkeys for another twenty minutes, and then they flew back over the fence and followed the loner through the woods.  I wonder if I will have more fence-jumpers this spring?   I've had visiting bears destroy my feeder systems in past years, but have never caught one on camera.  It would be thrilling to see a bear close enough to capture on camera, but another part of me, prefers to keep a safe distance from this critter.


  1. So that's where they went!! :))
    Beautiful series Karen. Love the shot of the guy in mid-air.

  2. Thanks, Janet. It was fun shooting these new visitors to my backyard. Not sue about the genders, though. Karen

  3. Loved the shots of turkeys with spread wings. The one on the fence is truly magnificent!

  4. Thanks, Jackie. Just when I was running out of "winter subjects," these lovely birds presented me with a whole new shooting opportunity. I can see why you've become fascinated with turkeys. Karen

  5. Ooh, wings spread! So seldom that we see turkeys that way. Once a flock flew down from trees, diagonally across the road in front of us, and we've never forgotten. Magic, Karen!

  6. Thanks, Pamela. It was exciting for the photographer too! Karen