Sunday, March 23, 2014

Leelanau Orchards in Snow

Last week when I was out photographing trees, I couldn't help but notice the trees in our orchards.  Instead of including them with last week's images, I decided to give them a blog post all their own.  After all, if there is one thing that defines Leelanau, it's our orchards.

I found great variety among the trees in the orchards.  Some are young, delicate, and fragile.

Others, thick and knobby, show their age.

But what I enjoy most about orchards in the winter is the stark contrast they make against the white snow.

The shadows they cast on sunny days delight me.  Can spring be far off?

The symmetry of the orchards create patterns that go on and on over the hills of Leelanau.

These orchard vistas remind me of the importance of fruit farming in our beautiful county.


  1. I love that view down toward Fredricksons' place. Love the orchards in any season, any kind of light. On sunny winter days, the shadows are beautiful, too, aren't they? Like a reflection of the trees themselves. Lovely post, Karen.

    1. Thank you, Pamela. I love orchards too and find them beautiful in all seasons. Karen

  2. Viewing this lovely series sparked a memory of the orchards abloom, Karen. Now I can hardly wait to
    see all these beauties decked out in their finest.

  3. Jan...I had the same feelings with thinking of the orchards in bloom. The third image down especially made me think of spring blossoms because I've shot them so often in that particular orchard. Karen