Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gracie at 14 Weeks

With the temperatures and winds still largely inhospitable to outdoor photography, I turned my camera indoors to Gracie, my mini-Goldendoodle puppy, now 14 weeks old.

 10-year old big sister Oakley poses with Gracie after her first puppy grooming.

But for Gracie, life is all about play.  Here she chews on her favorite ball.

Stretching out frog style, is one of her favorite positions.

Here Gracie cuddles with big sister Oakley, who is catching a nap.

Like most puppies, Gracie loves to chew.  Here she is with her favorite bone.

But the treat ball is the best toy ever for both Gracie and Oakley.  Filled with kibbles, the dogs roll it around the house and treats fall out as a reward for rolling it the right way. 

While Gracie has many moods from playful to bitey to sleepy, she's mostly one adorable puppy.


  1. These photos are all so adorable, each one, especially the last, but I love most, I think, the ones of the puppy and the older dog together. Great to see, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Pamela. It's amazing the bond the two have formed in such a short time. On a couple occasions I've had to leave the puppy behind when Oakley has had a vet appointment. Upon our return, Gracie is way more excited to see Oakley than me. They really have formed their own little pack. Oakley has also been a great teacher on so many things, which Gracie has learned quite easily just through imitation. Karen

  3. Your images of adorable 14-week-old Gracie are a delight to view, Karen. However, like Pamela, my favorites are the captures of Gracie and Oakley together. Their bond is clear to see and very, very dear and appealing.

  4. Thanks, Jan. Yes, the relationship between the two dogs is very dear. I've just been watching them share a large nylabone and the two have been passing it back between the two of them for some time. And most of the time, they are very gentle with each other. As you know, they bring much joy to my household. Karen