Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Deer

With the advent of the cold and snowy weather, the deer have been visiting the feed blocks more frequently.

My favorite doe and her fawn share one block while another doe eats from the other.  The "fawn" is nearly as large as her mother, and both have filled out considerably.  I remember in the early summer how the doe was especially "ribby."

A fourth doe stands off in the distance watching.  She understands there is a definite pecking order and waits her turn.

After a while, the doe kicks her fawn off the feed block so the fawn begins munching on a nearby hemlock bough. 

With the block all to herself, the doe savors her meal.

Once again, the fawn tries to edge her way back to the block, but her mother again asserts her dominance.  Both deer are covered in snow, and I expect them to shake it off, like a dog would do, but they don't.

In the midst of the feeding, the doe jerks her head up and her ears come forward.  Something must be raising an alarm of approaching danger because after a few moments, the deer and her fawn turn and flee into the woods.  What beautiful critters they are!


  1. I agree: they are beautiful critters! We are fortunate to have such a front row seat when it comes to deer watching, Karen. I love all your shots, especially the one of the baby at the Hemlock and
    the last one of the doe on alert.

  2. Hi Jan...Yes, we are so fortunate to be able to observe these beautiful critters close up. I never tire of watching them, especially when their stories change with each season. Karen

  3. These lovely, lovely photos remind me of Dan Gerber's book of poetry entitled SNOW ON THE BACKS OF ANIMALS. The horses I see on my way to town had snowy backs the other morning, too. So beautiful!

  4. Pamela...The poetry book has an interesting title, but I'm not familiar with Dan Gerber's work. From today's weather report, it sounds like the critters around us may soon be getting more snow on their backs.