Friday, November 15, 2013

Seeing the Sun Set Again

It was late afternoon and I was driving back to Northport from Traverse City.  The sun had finally come out and I wondered whether it'd be a good night for photographing the sunset.  I had to hustle, though, because the sun was setting at 5:15 pm. 

 As I headed over to Peterson Park and  drove up Foxview Drive, I was just in time to capture the sweeping vista of the sun about to set over Lake Michigan.

For me, photography is about enjoying nature and being outdoors.  But I also try to improve my skills and learn to use my equipment in creative ways.  For example, I typically shoot sunsets with my wide angle lens.  I wondered what would happen if I switched to a zoom telephoto.  When I did, I was nearly blinded by the size and intensity of the sun as seen through the viewfinder.  I did like the effect I got from using a different lens.

Leaving Foxview and turning in to Peterson Park, I could see the color show continued over Lake Michigan.  Sometimes the best color occurs after the sun has set, and that was true for this day.

As I left the park, I could see the show wasn't just over the water.  The clouds above these stands of birch trees had taken on a pink glow too.

Wanting one more moment with the Lake, I turned into Christmas Cove.  The sky and water were quickly darkening, yet the horizon held onto the last remnants of another beautiful sunset.


  1. Gorgeous series, Karen! Great color and light in each shot.

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was a fun shoot. Karen

  3. The clouds after sunset, catching the sun from below the horizon, are magical. I like the way you gave us the whole story of this sequence.

  4. Thanks, Pamela. I think the recent sunsets have been similar to the one I captured in this blog posting. I was again driving back from TC late yesterday around the time the sun was setting and the western sky was all pink again, and the eastern sky over Omena Bay had a luscious pink afterglow. Karen