Monday, September 9, 2013

Otter Creek Environs

I happened upon Otter Creek a few years ago while I was exploring the southern parts of Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore.  Because the area is a rich habitat for birds and wildlife, I decided to make another visit.

The Otter Creek trail meanders through a pine plantation, but also tracks alongside the creek and Otter Lake, another wonderful birding and wildlife habitat.

The mouth of Otter Creek flows into Lake Michigan.

But the creek outlet to the Lake is always changing, shaped by the actions of the wind and waves.

In the opposite direction from Otter Creek, there's a beautiful beach bounded to the north by the striking Empire Bluffs.

But on this day, the weather was changing and clouds were starting to roll in.  Those of us living near Lake Michigan know how fast the weather can change.  But on my way out, I had the chance for one more shot of the dune grass and bluffs.


  1. This is lovely - I especially love the picture of the mouth of Otter Creek as it flows into Lake Michigan.

  2. Thanks, Jackie. I liked that picture too, but the Empire Bluffs are my favorite. They are so powerful looking. Karen

  3. Beautiful series of captures of the Otter Creek area, Karen. The great composition, colors, and reflections in the first shot make it my favorite.

  4. Thanks, Jan. I really like the reflection shot too. I really appreciate your visit. Karen

  5. These are beautiful, Karen. The river mouth, the lake, but that still pine forest, too. Just lovely.

  6. Thanks,Pamela. I really appreciate your visit and support. Karen