Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top Ten Favorites of 2016

As each year ends, we often look back over the past year and reflect on the big news and sports stories, the people who've died, and make resolutions for the new year.  I too like to review the past year in pictures and choose my favorites.  Often I select pictures because of the experience I had while photographing the topic.  These are my ten favorite images of 2016:

The Supermoon of this past November was heralded as the largest moon since 1948.  Here the Supermoon rises above Grand Traverse Bay during the hour after sunset, known as the "blue hour."

Blossom-time is a  special time in cherry county.  I used this image as the cover of my 2017 calendar.  I like the contrast between the blue sky, the red bard, and the white blossoms.

As a backyard birder, I enjoy watching the birds that visit my feeders.  Here a beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker savors a delicacy from a seed cylinder.

Fall color season brings out the leaf peepers, just as spring brings the blossom seekers.  This beautiful yellow tree stands out against a brilliant sky at the entrance to the road up to Braman Hill.

Many of us living in the North Country enjoy sunset watching.  I was lucky to have caught this sailboat as it passed through a brilliant July sunset.

Deer are among my favorite critters to photograph, with spring fawns being a special delight to watch.  I love how this young one flipped its tail as it raced through the woods.

I love Empire Bluffs and especially the long dune grass in several varieties.  Here fierce winds bend the grass nearly flat against the sand.

These fox kits, along with two other siblings, entertained village folk for nearly a month as they frolicked outside their den under a garage on North Shore.

The sunflower farm off M-204 was so striking, the view took my breath away when I came upon it.  I know others were struck by its beauty also because many had stopped to take pictures also. 

My favorite image of 2016 is this sunset photo of the Grand Traverse Light.  I love how the golden light is reflected on both the side of the structure and in the windows.


  1. A collection of beautiful scenes and delightful critters! I love how your blog posts have captured so much of what is wonderful about life on the Leelanau.
    Happy New Year, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Jan. Leelanau is a special place, for sure.

  3. Memorable pictures, Karen. I especially like the vivid sunset with sailboat and the graceful sweep of the Empire Bluffs dune grass against the sand and blue water.

  4. Thanks, Jackie. Those were both memorable scenes to me too.