Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Lights Loved Everywhere

I spent the week unpacking and organizing my condo.  I hadn't touched my camera since the move, but, in the back of my mind, I wondered what I would write about this week.  I had barely left my home, let alone had the time to explore the natural areas I was hoping to visit.  Finally, I asked myself what I would be photographing if I were still in Northport?  It came to me easily then.  Christmas Lights!

So Gracie and I set off on our first photoshoot in Traverse City.  Cruising the neighborhoods not far from my home, I found abundant displays.  Some were fun-loving and bright like this one.

Others were religious and showed the true reason behind the holiday season.

I saw many houses decorated with traditional lighted wreaths and icicle strands hanging from the eaves. 

In other areas, owners had decked out their whole yard with lights on trees, bushes, and fence rows.

At one point, I wanted to turn the car around to take a shot from a different angle, but there were no driveways!  Oh, yes. I remembered in this area of older homes, the garages were behind the homes in alleys.  And they were decorated too!

The folks on this alley must have collaborated because almost the whole alley was festooned with elaborate decorations.

What I learned from my first drive around the city was that expressing the holiday spirit through displays of Christmas lights is a universal one, whether in Traverse City or Northport.


  1. The spirit of Christmas....beautiful,joyful, fun, and festive! Thanks, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was fun seeing these new light displays.