Thursday, October 22, 2020



On my last photoshoot for fall color, I focused on the abundant hillsides in our area.  They were alive in brilliant color!  My only difficulty was shooting around the electrical and telephone wires, which seemed to be everywhere.  Until next year, enjoy that last of this season’s fall color show.  And if you haven't gotten out there yet, there's still plenty of color to see, especially near the Lakeshore.


Thursday, October 15, 2020



The weekend forecast was for lots of sun and no rain.  Saturday didn’t turn out that way, however.  Gray clouds rolled in during the afternoon, but I decided to head out anyway.  I’m glad I did because the fall vistas had reached peak color.  It was one of the most brilliant fall afternoons I’d ever photographed, even without the blue skies.  Finally, near sunset, as I headed home, the sun peeked through just enough to drench a last stand of trees in glorious sunshine.



Thursday, October 8, 2020



I was in farm country Monday afternoon, checking the progression of fall colors.  It was the first sunny day in ages!  The color was definitely coming along, but not as much as I thought it would.  Probably, all that rain didn’t help.  Hope you can get outdoors these next couple weeks to enjoy the beauty of the fall season.




Thursday, October 1, 2020



The evenings this past week have been mostly dark, wet, and rainy.  Not the best weather for photography.  While it wasn’t sunny, there was a break in the rain Sunday evening so I headed out.   

 Right away, I saw my family of three Sandhill Cranes.  They weren’t in their regular area, however.  Instead, they were grazing in a cornfield a couple of blocks away from their normal habitat.


Up the road a bit, where I typically see them, were two more adult cranes pecking in the grasses for food.  

I headed over to the marshland near Anderson Creek.  I hoped to catch the Great Blue Heron I’d been stalking much of the summer.  Two cars were headed my way and my heart sank as I thought they’d flush it from the marsh.  I was right and the huge Great Blue immediately took to the air.  I caught it in flight this time, though.  


But the biggest surprise of the evening was the amount of fall color that was already showing, this last week of September.


Some trees were already showing red-orange color, and others were turning yellow.  I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me, but my long lens captured enough of what was happening.


Even though the skies were gray, the colors in this stand of trees were vibrant.


A light rain had begun to fall so I called it a night.  I was excited that the fall color season was beginning, perhaps a bit earlier than usual.


Thursday, September 24, 2020



My favorite room in my house is my study/studio.  With slider doors, it’s light and airy.  I can see out and watch the birds while I work, write, and paint.  The room also houses my comfortable recliner, perfect for afternoons reading.   

It’s Gracie’s favorite room too.  Besides being where I hang out during the day, she can spend hours watching the outdoor world from the large windows.


She goes on high alert when she sees people walking their dogs on the backside of the loop.  Rabbits and squirrels send her in a frenzy too.  She also loves watching the small birds that inhabit my feeders.


You’d think being half Golden Retriever, she’d go after more birds, but she mostly just watches, especially the smaller birds, like this Robin, a rare visitor to my feeders.


Gracie also enjoys sunbathing and snoozing by the sliders.  She can get too hot and begin to pant but rarely does she move herself out of the sun.  Silly dog!


Mid-to-late-afternoon, weather permitting, we head outside to the deck to read and have dinner.  Shade has come over the back deck, and it’s comfortable then.  Gracie loves being outdoors, smelling flowers, looking for rabbits, scaring away the Mourning Doves, and playing.


And that’s where Gracie’s summer turned really exciting.  She got a little fenced-in-yard that goes off the deck.  It allows here to “go” without a leash, and with the deck included, it gives her a much larger play area.


We can once again play Chuck-it Frisbee, something we’ve not done since our Northport days, when we had a large fenced yard.


Gracie also loves playing catch with her “holey” ball.  It’s easy to catch and hold onto from any of the openings.


She’s also learned the faster she drops her toy, the faster I can send it off for her to catch again.  It’s a joy having room for her to play again.


Gracie is, undoubtedly, my favorite photography subject.  I have hundreds of pictures of her, and she’s really good about sitting and posing.  I took this series with my iPhone 11.  Sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous and not haul out all my fancy photography gear.