Friday, September 30, 2016


Change has been in the air these last couple weeks with autumn officially beginning.

 The summer rush is over and village merchants are returning to saner schedules.

The marina has begun to thin out, with fewer masts dotting the sky.

Even M-22 has become more manageable without all the summer traffic.

Signs of fall are beginning to pop up all over the landscape.

  Here and there, tinges of red are showing on some trees.

  Mums are replacing over-grown annuals in local gardens.

  Besides the crisper weather, what I like best about the new season is the return of solitude to some of my favorite spots.  By spring, I’ll probably be ready for more action, but right now, the departure of the frenetic summer pace feels renewing.



  1. Karen,it certainly does feel and look different around Northport these days! I appreciate the variety of scenes and colors you captured to illustrate the shift from summer to autumn.

  2. Thanks, Jan. It won't be long till we'll be out photographing the beautiful fall vistas.