Friday, September 16, 2016


I had learned from The Photographer's Ephemeris that the sunset and full moonrise were happening in close proximity time-wise so I looked for a spot where I might photograph both.

The moonrise was supposed to be at 7:25 pm and the sunset at 7:52 pm.  Even though the moonrise was going to happen first, I figured it would take a while to appear above the high dunes where I had located myself. 

I arrived at my spot about 7:30 pm and there was no sight of the full moon.  It also looked like the sunset was going to be occluded by some clouds near the horizon.

As the sun set right on schedule and painted the sky in delicious shades of orange, I kept turning around to see if there was any sign of the full moon.  There wasn't, but I continued to wait, enjoying the solitude and peace of the lakeshore evening. 

Finally, at 8:15 pm, I was really excited to see the full moon start to rise above the dunes.  It had taken about 50 minutes for it to reach that destination from the horizon.

I had hoped the Eastern sky would retain some of the orangey afterglow of the sunset, but it hadn't.  Still, the bright full moon was lovely against the deep blue of the darkening sky.

 As I packed up my gear and called it a night, the Western sky still held some of the sunset afterglow.


  1. Hi, Karen. As we were driving home yesterday, I mentioned to Jackie and Julie that TPE was predicting a sunset and moonrise within close proximity. I am so pleased to see that you got these beautiful photos of both the sunset and the full moon!

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was fun catching both scenes in the same place.