Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some Welcome Sunshine

We've recently been blessed with a few days of sunshine this past week...a welcome respite from the winter grays.  I headed over to the lakeside to catch a sunset from high on Foxview Drive.

As the sun sank lower in the sky, it ran into a heavy cloud bank, effectively occluding the sun's final dip into the water.

Still, the sunset was vibrant and well worth the trip across the peninsula.

But as I turned away from the lakeshore and meandered my way home, it was the pinkening sky of the afterglow that really grabbed my attention.


Driving eastward, the lovely blush lasted...

all the way to the Bight.


  1. Welcome sunshine, indeed!! I especially love how you captured the pathway of sunlight across the water in the sunset shot at the top, Karen. But it was lovely to see evidence of the sun's presence in all the images.

  2. Thanks, Jan. Seeing the sun at this time of year is such a welcome treat. Karen