Monday, November 3, 2014

Chasing the Last of Fall Color

I knew the fall color was coming to an end, but it's always a little sad.  I've so enjoyed driving all over the county and photographing its vibrant autumn beauty.  Even with the color on the wane, I've managed to eek out one more fall color photo shoot.  Yellows and golds are mostly what's left, with the orchards being the last to display their splendor.


  1. That first shot especially is a stunner, Karen.

    1. Thanks, Pamela. Do you know what kind of trees are in the second photo? Karen

  2. Karen, I'd say you not only chased the last of the fall color, but captured it beautifully. I've been enjoying the yellows and golds immensely; so, I love your image of the birch trees with their beautiful yellow leaves. The orchard shots are great, too. (I confess that I was looking forward to seeing them.)

  3. Thanks, Jan. I probably have a gazillion shots of those birches, trying to get it just right. Karen