Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just a Dusting

When I set out on a gray Saturday afternoon to take pictures, there was just a dusting of snow on the ground.  But later that evening, and into Sunday morning, the snow began to accumulate.  The forecast for the next few days indicates significant snow is coming.  It looks like winter is here.


  1. Outstanding series, Karen!! These gorgeous images remind me that winter can be beautiful. An important idea to keep in mind after shoveling the walk this morning. :)

  2. Thanks, Jan. Yes, winter can be beautiful. It'd be more beautiful, however, if it began in December and lasted through February. :-) Karen

  3. I especially love the yellow willow in #2 contrasting with the whiteness of snow and the grayness of sky, the lines of orchard trees in the foreground of #5 countering the horizontal lines of trees in the background, and the watchful geese, in #7, standing on the shore of some very choppy waters. Was that the Bay or Lake Michigan?

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I like those too. I had a difficult time with the willow tress; they were leaning so much, it was hard to tell where the horizon line was. The geese image and the next one were taken on the Bay from Hendricks Park on Lee Point Road. Karen

  4. Well, your shot looking south catches the rays coming from behind the cloud! I like that!

  5. As gray as that day was, there were still lots of different cloud formations allowing for a variety of images to come through. I think it's funny that we both ended up with photographs of the same place.