Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leelanau Hills, Water, and Fall Color

I headed out to take pictures on another gray afternoon, but the weather report had indicated the sun would break through around 3 pm.  It didn't exactly turn out that way, but there was still plenty of fall color.  For the most part, I focused on some of the vistas from the many high points in the county.

On my way to Northport's biggest hill, I noticed the lovely reflections of fall color at the Mill Pond.

The colors had become more muted in the last few days at Braman Hill, but they still set off the landscape leading to the Bay and Northport Point.

Omena Bay is always lovely, but, again, the colors had begun to lose their vibrancy.

Continuing south on M-22 towards Suttons Bay, I'd heard the hills atop Dumas Road provided a vista of the whole bay area.  Here Stoney Point stands out in the foreground, with Old Mission Point behind it.

Continuing to hope for sunshine, I headed across the county on M-204.  I could see the fall color was lovely around Lake Leelanau from a hilly neighborhood near M-22.

Between Glen Arbor and Empire, I decided to enter the Pierce Stocking Drive.  My first stop was at Alligator Hill, with Glen Lake in the foreground, and Little Glen in the background, separated by M-22.

My last (and favorite) stop of the day was at North Bar Lake, with Lake Michigan and the Empire Bluffs in the background.  On my drive back to Northport, I thought about the beauty of the color this fall, but bemoaned the lack of least until this weekend.

As I neared Leland, I noticed there was a narrow break just above the horizon in the dense gray clouds.  I raced into Fishtown, and was able to capture a sliver of the sunset...the only sight of the sun the whole day. 


  1. Can't get enough of these fall colors - especially like the hilltop views from Brahman, Dunes, and North Bar. Clouds don't matter!

  2. Thank you for visiting, Jackie. I've come to a similar conclusion about clouds not mattering. In fact, I think the gray skies made the vivid colors stand out even more. Hoping to find some lingering color this coming week. kc

  3. Another series of great Autumn landscapes, Karen. Love the gorgeous colors of the trees against our wonderful lakes, bays, and yes, the old Mill Pond.

    1. Thanks, Jan. I'm beginning to wonder what I'll shoot when all these gorgeous colors are gone!

  4. Hope you got out over the weekend, Karen! The muted colors made for beautiful tapestries, and even when clouds rolled back in late on Monday, the contrasts were stunning. I like the scenes you picked.

  5. Pamela...Ugh! I didn't get out with my camera over the weekend, as I had other plans. But I've also decided that the gray skies made the colors stand out more, so I've made peace with the lack of sunshine on my shooting days. Hope to catch some remaining colors along with the sunshine, although the winds may take care of the last of the color. Karen

  6. The millpond is great. I think reflections, whether directly on water or on wet pavement, do things that make up for lack of sunshine.

  7. I agree, Pamela. It's really been one of the loveliest falls I can remember, with respect to colors. I see too that there is still color out there. Not sure what I'll shoot when the color is gone. It's such a fun time to take pictures.