Friday, April 7, 2017


There's a certain amount of serendipity in photography.  You've got to be in the right place at the right time.  That happened to me as I driving on Old Mission Peninsula towards Bowers Harbor.

I saw it from a distance...the distinctive brown body with a white head.  My heart quickened.  I slowed the car, pulled over, and rolled down my window. 

I had my walk-around lens on my camera body, and worried it wouldn't have enough length.  But as the Bald Eagle turned and looked down at me, I could see with the first few shots that it was just fine.

I'd seen several Bald Eagles before, but never had the chance to photograph one.  From its beat-up bill, it appeared that this was a mature bird.  Eagles can live up to 38 years.

The eagle seemed to be staying put, so I was able to switch to my longer, close-up lens.  Occasionally, it would look down at me with its eagle eye.  I wouldn't want to tangle with this one! 

But most of the time the eagle was focused out over Bowers Harbor searching for its next meal.  They eat mainly fish and the bird was attentive to what was happening in the calm waters of this bay.  I'd hoped to get the chance to see it swoop down and claim a fish from the water, but that didn't happen.

Then the bird struck the classic Bald Eagle pose...the one you see on money, flags, and stamps.  What a strong, yet beautiful critter!  No wonder it's our national emblem.

How majestic this Bald Eagle was!  And what a special photo opportunity it was for me.


  1. Very exciting! Bald Eagles have made a big comeback. It's always great to see one up close up, and to photograph one is even better. I don't think I've even seen one so beat up, it's would be interesting to know the story behind it's past. Nice shots, hope you find some more.

  2. Thanks, Mark. I wondered too about the eagle's past and why it was so beat up. I also noticed a lot of stray feathers, which typically get removed with regular preening. Oh, if bills and feathers could talk!

  3. Congratulations on a great series, Karen! He may be beat up, but he's still a noble Bald Eagle!

  4. Great shots .. the old bird is down, but not out.

  5. Thanks! I think we all can get a bit battle worn as we age.