Friday, April 14, 2017


It'd been sunny all day and I decided to head to Lake Michigan for the sunset.  Empire became my destination since it was only thirty minutes away.

By the time I arrived at the beach, clouds above the horizon had begun to obscure the possibility of a clear sunset.

I love the Empire beach because it has so much to offer.  Lots of beautiful sand and dune grass are there to enjoy.

The Empire Bluffs also provide a striking backdrop in the distance. 

The brick wall makes a perfect place for watching the sunset.

There's so much to do at the Empire Beach.  Kids were playing on the swings and shooting hoops at the basketball court.  A few people were tossing tennis balls to their dogs  too.

A dune buggy without a top was even enjoying the beach;  I noticed the driver was dressed in a warm coat and  winter hat.

While the sunset didn't materialize as I'd hoped, the many people enjoying their time outdoors was a clear sign that beach time was here.


  1. A lovely series of beach scenes, Karen. I love the peaceful mood that pervades these images.

  2. Thanks, Jan, for seeing the peaceful mood in my images. I felt that too.