Friday, March 3, 2017


I was driving along the bay when I spotted two Mute Swans paddling in a protected, shallow pool.  I pulled over to see what they were up to.

These long-necked waterfowl are so graceful as they bob along our lake shores.  Mating for life, they  almost always are seen in pairs.

They moved nearly in tandem as they worked at pulling vegetation off the bay bottom and eating it.

Then one swan began preening its feathers, contorting its long neck to reach all over its body.

The other swan went over to an area heavy with reeds.  I wondered if there was early nest-building going on.

Turns out it was just making a beeline back into the main bay.  Its feet were paddling so fast it was leaving a wake.

The fishing for food must have been better there.  I've read that swans have huge appetites and can consume up to eight pounds of submerged aquatic vegetation a day.


  1. these pics of lovely swans sure brighten up the muted colors of this late winter scene.

  2. Thanks, Jackie. There's no doubt that we're ready for some brighter days in this up and down winter season.

  3. A lovely series, Karen. Mute swans may be pesky, but they certainly are beautiful and graceful!

  4. Thanks, Jan. And, yes, they can be pesky. Karen