Saturday, March 25, 2017


With the arrival of spring this week, it seemed like the perfect time to explore some of the Boardman Valley Nature Preserve areas, which had been frozen over in the winter months.  I expected to see waterfowl and I was not disappointed.

Two Mute Swans were cruising the pond waters.  One seemed pretty content to just paddle along.

The other was busy with the important job of preening its feathers.

Then a handsome pair of mallard ducks came close enough for me to get a good image of them.

Almost out of my range, I spied another pair of ducks, but I wasn't able to identify them.  Hmmm.

But most of these waterfowl were busy dunking themselves in the water and getting vegetation off the pond bottom for food.

As I watched the swan engage in the same behavior, I had to chuckle as it appeared it was going to tip over in its search.  I imagined what that long neck was doing as it swept along the pond floor.


  1. A lovely series, Karen. The beautiful pair in 4 down are Buffleheads.

  2. Thanks, Jan, for identifying the Buffleheads! That's exactly who they are.