Friday, April 24, 2015

Wild Goose Chase

I was driving along North Shore, just past the Bight, when I spotted a Canadian Goose sitting, or perhaps standing, along the shoreline.

I pulled over to watch it for a while, but it stood there completely still.

As soon as I rolled down my car window and took out my camera, the goose started honking loudly and strolling away.

It kept on honking, but soon turned its attention from me to another goose approaching from behind.  The second goose quickly joined in the noise-making.

It was really quite hilarious.  I didn't know what to make of the behavior.  It almost looked like the two were in some kind of crooning duet.

But after a while, I could see the original goose was chasing the newcomer away.

Having success, it turned and walked further into the water.  I thought it might be going to fish like some of the other waterfowl I'd recently seen.

I was wrong on the fishing part, however.  The goose instead was feasting on vegetation from the lake bottom.  Lake weed (vs. seaweed) du jour, perhaps!

But, at least photographically speaking, the goose saved the best for last.

Rising up almost completely out of the water and extending its magnificent wings outward, the goose was a spectacular creature to behold.


  1. What a wonderful sequence, Karen! The third image is especially striking, but the entire series makes a story. Good for you!

  2. Thanks, Pamela. I like that one too. It was really wonderful to watch these interactions play out. Karen

  3. Loved viewing the antics of these geese, Karen. I agree with Pamela that the third image down is especially striking; but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, starting off with the top shot of the goose holding a piece of vegetation (not sure what it is) in its beak.

  4. Thanks, Jan. I think we all enjoyed that third image, but, for me, the last couple were special too. The whole photo shoot was great fun to watch.

  5. A tale of a day in the life of a Goose. I love the sequencing of the shots and such a good catch of that startling wide wingspan.

  6. Thanks, Jackie! It was great fun watching these geese go about their lives.