Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bay Side Sunset

I've been watching the ice go out on the bay all week.  It's been amazing how it has changed each day.  Sometimes it looks like a little progress has been made, and then the next day, cold temperatures slow the thawing process.

 Giant fissures formed throughout the ice field, and gave way to more and more open water.  But I was surprised to see so much open water this evening as I drove along the bay.  How did all the ice disappear so quickly?

I could see the shoreline was littered with small sand-covered islands and shards of ice, which looked like someone had smashed sheets of clear glass against the rocks.

As I drove farther north along the bay,  I noticed less and less open water.  In spots there were mounds of ice, lots of slush and sand piles, but little open water.  Winds from the north must have pushed ice from the Lake into the end of the bay.  What was really catching my eye, however, was the pastel colors reflecting the setting sun on Lake Michigan.

I typically think of the sunset as occurring on the Lake side of the peninsula, but there was a pretty good show going on along the bay side too.


  1. Those are beautiful, Karen. David and I especially liked the third, and he loved the fourth, too. (I stayed loyal to #3, not to slight #4 at all!)

  2. Thanks, Pamela. Those two are my favorites also. I just love the pastel colors that emerge after sunset, especially on the bay side. I'd been to that same spot, sans camera, the night before and it was a bit more vibrant. Karen

  3. Lovely series, Karen. The third and fourth shots are my favorites, too. I love the subtle tones in number three and the combination of composition and color in number four is just gorgeous.

  4. Thanks, Jan. Those two images seem to be the consensus as favorites. Karen