Sunday, January 12, 2014

Outdoors Again!

There was sunshine today!  How long has it been?  With the approaching golden hour, I headed out hoping to catch the soft light of the late afternoon.

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse is one of my favorite subjects, yet I don't have a lot of images of it in the winter. 

But it wasn't the lighthouse itself I was hoping to shoot; it was the beach at the end of the trail next to the Fog Signal Building.  I love this beach because of boulders and rocks that litter the shoreline.

I was amazed at the ice buildup.  These same rock formations had marked the shoreline edge last fall.  To the north of where I stood, I could see a couple people climbing around the ice formations, along with their dog.

To the south and just a bit offshore, a small island floats in Cathead Bay.  At least I think it's an island; I've never walked all the way around to its backside to be sure.  The sun had begun to  break through the clouds on its way to setting.

The sky did brighten up a bit with the approaching sunset, but much of it was occluded by the cloud cover.  It was good to be back outdoors again, and the light was what I'd hoped for.


  1. Beautiful series of shots of the lighthouse and its shoreline, Karen.
    Looks like you found just the right time to shoot outside. :)

  2. Jan...It was! Thanks for your visit. Karen

  3. Doesn't time itself feel frozen in the winter stillness of the icy shore? When the wind is not blowing, that is! The reflected light between island and shore particularly caught and pleased my eye.

  4. Thank you, Pamela, for your lovely comment. I like the reflection too. Karen