Saturday, December 19, 2015

Only A Dusting

The long range weather forecast said snow was coming.  Not a lot, and it wouldn't last long, but snow, nevertheless.  I'd begun to wonder whether we were going to have a white Christmas.   Up here, we have a white Christmas 95% of the time.  So, yes, I was excited that snow was coming.  I'd been itching to photograph some of those pristine winter snowscapes we have here.

The snow started falling Friday, as predicted.  But what we got here in Northport was only a dusting.  Just enough to whiten up the two-tracks.

And highlight the symmetrical rows of trees in the orchards. 

Just enough to envelop the waterfall and the Mill Pond.

And surround the swaying ornamental grasses that edge the marina parking lot.

Just enough to fill the swampy land behind these roadside cattails.

And accentuate the banks of Northport Creek as it flows into the bay.   Sometimes you don't get exactly what you hope for.  But you learn to work with whatever you have.


  1. Beautiful series of early winter captures, Karen; and great demonstration of how to "work with whatever you have."

  2. Thanks, Jan. The photoshoot was certainly a lesson in that.

  3. You caught the beauty in what sometimes seems "drab" this year. Especially love the curves in the first pic, the sense of motion with the grasses in #4 and the upright sturdiness of the cattails in #5.

  4. Thanks, Jackie. Those are my favorites too.