Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Visit to Kellogg Bird Sanctuary

Recently, my brother Mark and I were able to spend a beautiful fall afternoon at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary.  The sanctuary is situated between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek and is part of the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station.  The sanctuary contains a small lake and is home to several species of waterfowl.  There are also hiking trails and enclosures for birds of prey. 

The waterfowl are used to being fed corn by the visitors and almost immediately the Canadian Geese came to the edge of the lake, clearly begging for treats.

I enjoyed watching the geese as they swam around the lake in lined formation, a row apart from each other. 

There were common ducks in the mix too.  This male mallard with its green head was striking as it paddled around the lake.

Not far behind, the brown female was quite a contrast to her mate.

But it was this golden eyed duck that really caught my eye.  At first I thought it was a loon, but as it drew closer, I could see it wasn't.  After I'd consulted one of my bird apps, I learned this was a male Lesser Scaup.  It was a breed I was unfamiliar with.

The Trumpeter Swans are my favorites, however.  I enjoy watching their graceful moves as they glide around the lake with their mates. 

When they begin to preen...

and display their massive wingspans...

I'm pretty sure they will be taking to the air soon.

And when they do, what a sight it is to behold.


  1. Love this beautiful collection of images from your visit to the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, Karen!
    Lots of great colors, poses, and reflections. A delight to view.

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was one of those fall days when most everything was just perfect.