Sunday, March 9, 2014

Deer Haven

I continue to have deer visit my land.  Because it's been such an extreme winter, I've had to move my deer haven to the other side of my house, where I can get to it more easily through the deep snow.  The new site isn't as conducive to photography, but taking the screen off my bathroom window has allowed me to capture more images.

On one of those wonderful sunny afternoons this past week, I happened to look out my window and I had eleven deer...all at once.  I know that's a record!  Unfortunately, because of the narrowness of my window, I couldn't capture the whole group together.  The deer were engaged in a variety of behaviors.

Many were eating from the three feed blocks that I have provided for "their" yard.  With the weather having been so severe this winter, they are always hungry.

Some watched from afar, perhaps waiting for their turn at the feeders or not secure where they stood in the pecking order.

Others were lying down in the snow, catching an afternoon snooze.

Bathing in the sunshine, nearly asleep, I'm guessing this deer was grateful for the warmth of the sun...even if the temperatures only hovered around zero.

Whether watching from afar, resting in the sunshine, or eating, these deer provided me with abundant joy as I spent the afternoon enjoying the gift of their presence.


  1. Your deer look very contented and grateful, Karen. Despite the very cold, hard winter, it seems to me that the deer look very healthy in our neck of the woods -- nice and sleek and brown, not scrawy and grey, as they can look around this time of year. What do you think?

  2. Hi Pamela...Yes, I think the deer look good for what they've been through this winter. Even last spring they looked quite "ribby" and I don't see happening thus far. Perhaps the extra feed blocks are paying off. Karen

  3. Sweet series, Karen! I especially like the great setting and wonderful play of light and shadows you
    captured in the 3rd shot down.

    1. Thank you, Jan. I really enjoyed doing this series. You know my love for these deer. I like the third one down also, but my favorite is the second to the last image, the one with the single deer napping. Karen